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Matthias Gstoehl



Geneva, 2001




German , English , French , Italian


Stampfenbachplatz 4
P.O. Box 212
8042 Zurich


+41 58 105 2100

Matthias Gstoehl specialises in complex domestic and multi-jurisdictional proceedings and investigations, including fraud and white-collar crime, asset recovery, insolvency, international mutual assistance, international sanctions, and ESG-related disputes.

His practice strongly focuses on banking and finance disputes. With first-hand experience in the sector, he handles complex matters requiring specialist knowledge in derivative instruments, hedge funds and financial products in general. He also regularly acts in contentious corporate, commercial and governance disputes across various sectors (healthcare, natural resources, sports and trusts).

Matthias Gstoehl is Diversity and Inclusion Officer of the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee, and a member of the expert group for digitalization of the Swiss Bar Association. He is further a member of the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals (INSOL) and the Zurich Bar Association.

He is a frequent speaker and moderator at international conferences.

Before joining LALIVE, Matthias Gstoehl was a partner at Nater Dallafior (2012 – 2017), worked in derivatives structuring at two leading investment banks in London and Zurich (2006 – 2012), as an associate for Bär & Karrer in Zurich (2001 – 2005) and as a trainee for Froriep in Geneva (1998 – 2000).

Matthias Gstoehl studied law at the Universities of Vienna and Geneva (lic.iur, 1998), and completed postgraduate studies in Finance at London Business School (MSc in Finance, 2006).

Wonderfully bright while remaining focused, practical and responsive.

Legal 500, Dispute Resolution, 2021

Creativity, breadth of grasp.

Legal 500, Banking and Finance, 2021

Recommended as a national leader in Asset Recovery.

Who’s Who Legal, Asset Recovery, Switzerland, 2021

Recommended as an international leader in Asset Recovery.

Who’s Who Legal, Asset Recovery, 2020

Recommended for Litigation and Banking and Finance.

Legal 500, Switzerland, 2018

State Court Participation in Arbitration - Help or Hindrance?

Matthias Gstoehl, 2015

National Report Switzerland, AIJA 53rd Congress London 2015 (awarded with the Past Presidents' Award for the Best National Report)


Matthias Gstoehl, Rolf Watter, 2004

In: Rudolf Tschäni (Ed.), Mergers & Acquisition VI - Europa Institut Zürich, Vol. 48, Zurich 2004, pp. 33 ff.

Das Verhältnis von Gewährleistung nach UN-Kaufrecht und Irrtumsanfechtung nach nationalem Recht

Matthias Gstoehl, 1998

Zeitschrift für Europarecht, internationales Privatrecht und Rechtsvergleichung (ZfRV), Wien 1998, pp. 1 ff.

C5 Group Inc.

Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery

24/03/2021 Geneva Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: “War Story” Roundtables

For more information, see the programme.

C5 Group Inc.

C5 Group's 4th Advanced Conference on Anti-Corruption & Compliance

23/09/2020 Zurich Matthias Gstoehl The Realities of FCPA Compliance in Switzerland: What Every Swiss Multinational Should Know About the Latest DOJ Guidance and Expectations

For more information, see the programme.


Annual Conference of the International Bar Association

22/09/2019 Seoul Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Independence of the judiciary and law enforcement authorities in corruption cases


Asset Recovery America 2019

18/09/2019 New York Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Liar, liar – the courts' approach to evidence in civil, US and common law systems

For more information, see the programme.



Asset Recovery Latin America 2019

03/06/2019 Sao Paolo Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Accidental Involvement – What Happens When Third Parties Such as Banks Become Involved in Fraud

For more information, see the programme.

AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers

Double Seminar – Art Law Today and Bank Recovery and Resolution

12/10/2018 London Matthias Gstoehl Member of the Organizing Committee + Moderator: Bank Recovery and Resolution

For more information, see the programme.


2017 Asset Tracing and Recovery Forum

25/09/2018 New York Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Cryptocurrencies – Asset Recovery of the Future and the Challenges facing Liquidators

OffshoreAlert’s 16th Annual North American edition

Financial Intelligence & Investigations Conference

15/04/2018 Miami Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: International Value Recovery: A 'Full & Frank' Discussion Of Emerging Key Issues & Developments

C5-Business Information in a Global Context

International Disputes & Asset Recovery involving Russian & CIS parties

30/01/2018 London Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Tracing and recovering cryptocurrencies

For more information, see the programme.


2017 Asset Tracing and Recovery Forum

31/10/2017 London Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Kleptocracy & Misappropriation of State Assets – Recent Developments and Challenges

AIJA Annual Congress

31/08/2017 Tokyo Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Tracing and recovering cryptoassets

AIJA Conference

After the Final Award – A new Battle on the Horizon?

17/06/2017 Stockholm Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Annulment of Awards on grounds of public policy – a review of the merits through the back door?

AIJA Seminar

Shower of regulation on the Financial and Insurance sectors: where does the journey end?

10/06/2016 Zurich Matthias Gstoehl Moderator: How to run investigations

Deutscher Anwaltstag

03/06/2016 Berlin Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Strafbarkeit und Verantwortung von Unternehmen im internationalen Geschäftsverkehr

AIJA Annual Congress

04/09/2015 London Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: State Court Participation in Arbitration – Help or Hindrance?

AIJA Half-Year Conference

20/11/2014 Santiago de Chile Matthias Gstoehl Moderator: Quantification of damages in post M&A disputes

Sungard ALM Conference

22/05/2014 Zurich Matthias Gstoehl Speaker: Gläubigerbevorzugung im Interbanken- und Geschäftsverkehr